What is it?

The FastJP API is an Application Programming Interface (API) that offers superior journey planning and fares calculation for the rail network in Great Britain.

Who is it available to?

Anyone who wishes to sell tickets will find the API indispensable. Typically you will have already have a retail licence from the Rail Delivery Group, or offer services to rail industry clients who are licensed to sell tickets.

What features are available?

We provide a full journey planner with the ability to plan simple or highly complex journeys, depending on the customer's needs.

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What is the cost?

FastJP licences are negotiated on an individual basis and will depend on the type of application, the expected volumes and, if you wish to use our optional split ticketing technology, any fees charged to the end customer for such bookings.

Can I use FastJP without writing my own website?

No. FastJP is designed to plug into your existing infrastructure and you will need the capability to issue tickets, make seat reservations etc. independently.